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Developing our Zen Guides to OpenRoads is one of the most aggressive material development projects we have ever undertaken.

Our expectation is to initially produce smaller topical guides resulting in an OpenRoads series of books. These will cover the main topics of the software and include MicroStation for the OpenRoads User, Configuration Fundamentals, The OpenRoads Terrain, Geometry Layout, Typical Section Creation & Editing, Modeling, Civil Cells, Site Design, and Plans Production to name a few. Eventually, and similar to what we have now with InRoads) we will be consolidating key material into a training guide that we will use in our classes.

We have been working on this material for some time, but since the software was officially release in April 2017, we have spent the majority of our efforts working on the configuration piece of the software. The OpenRoads Workspace is a critical prerequisite for the documentation that we are preparing, but that phase is essentially done.

Currently, our timeline is to accelerate our documentation phase which will start in earnest in the Fall of 2018. We expect to begin releasing material near the end of 2018 through 2019. Our plan is to have a full set of documents by the Summer of 2019. We feel that this aligns with the current pace of the software evolution and adoption strategies that we’re seeing in the industry.

Feel free to contact us for a current update on the status and progress of this material development.

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